Bob Eubanks
Backstage With The Beatles

Audiences will hear
from BOB EUBANKS, the only living person
to produce the Beatles' concerts during all
three of their American tours, and also enjoy
by a talented Beatles tribute band! 

There are Beatle tribute bands and books and films about the Beatles. But there has never been a show like Bob Eubanks Backstage With The Beatles.

You probably know Bob as the host of The Newlywed Game, and as the co-host of the Rose Parade for Tribune Broadcasting for nearly 38 years. Bob was also a popular rock ‘n roll dee-jay. What audiences will be surprised to learn is that Bob is the only living person to have produced and financed the Beatles’ concerts all three years they toured America.
In 1964, he borrowed $25,000 on his house and presented the Beatles to Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl. In 1965 he produced two shows at the Hollywood Bowl and one in 1966 at Dodger Stadium. The 1966 concert was the second to the last concert they ever appeared in together.
Bob has fascinating and hilarious never-heard-before stories about his experiences with the Beatles, their manager Brian Epstein, and the screaming throngs of fans who attended the concerts. He has put together an entertaining one-of-a-kind show that will appeal to all audiences. Backstage With The Beatles consists of seldom heard stories about the Fab Four, never before seen photos and videos of the band, mixed with classic Beatles songs sung onstage by a talented tribute band.

There has never been a show like Backstage With The Beatles that combines both great storytelling and legendary Beatles’ music. And Bob will do promotional interviews for local radio and television to generate interest and boost ticket sales. 

Backstage With The Beatles is unique and guaranteed to leave audiences smiling!

Beatles' tribute band
Beatles' tribute band Ticket To Ride perform with Bob at Smothers Theatre, Pepperdine University in Malibu, California

Information About this Unique Show

  • Advertising 
    Promotional interviews for radio and television
  • Promo flyers and display posters available 
  • Show length 
    Approx. 90 mins. (length can be modified if desired)
  • A/V requirements 
    Click on Technical link under "More" above
  • Venue capacity 
    Any size - ideal for civic theaters, fairs, cruise entertainment, conventions
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